Bathandtilekraft offers an all encompassing guarantee born out of our commitment and assurance for all our products and solutions ---- A guarantee that has five different perspectives

NEED PERSPECTIVE - You have our assurance that you will find the products and solutions matching your specific requirements and personal choice.

ETHICAL PERSPECTIVE - Our guarantee ensures that all commitments taken by us during the various stages of our interaction with our customers will be honoured in letter and spirit.

PRODUCT PERSPECTIVE - Our guarantee from the physical product perspective will be limited only by the prevalent international norms for the different product categories – the specifics are laid out in our guarantee terms available at the store.

FULFILMENT PERSPECTIVE - Our commitment with respect to meeting all delivery deadlines and assurance of supplying only but the first quality if unequivocal.

SERVICE PERSPECTIVE - Finally, our guarantee from the service perspective is our commitment to offer prompt, quality and cost-effective after sales service at all times assistance that you may need.