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1961: born of Bellosta Rubinetterie, in the heart area of Orta’ s Lake, traditionally linked at the faucettes and design industries. “Our family descended by ancient tinmen that from sixteenth century have build a corporate in Rome. We are the direct heirs of pewters that gone along the European street by their wagon during the eighteenth and ninenteenth century.” In the words of the founder Carlo Bellosta shined trough the passino for the beautiful things that keep on the Bellosta team go on to the design street, with cooperation of famous architect and designers, projecting collections that look at the future without forget the past. Also the relooking of the showroom and offices come out from 2012 to 2013, is a tangible sign of the personality and philosophy of the firm: the new offices are personalized by cleanliness of the spaces, by the ambient organization, by the wise and discreet use of the light, that guides trough the central point by wich the firm round, the showroom, in wich are showed, by original way, the shower and taps collections, borned by wise mix of search and growth and combined by the historical experience of the family. The care of the details and the study of the new design and fashion taste are the most important points of the projection bewares both privates to architects and designers needs. All these elements are reflected by Bellosta enterteiments: fairs, events, training are created to make surprises and charm at the same time. Roses gardens, paradise, submerged cities are only some themes that are frames of the firm’s events; historical appareance at the Fuori Salone 2013, of the revist Fiat 900 T in 18 Montenapoleone street in Milan: Bellosta Rubinetterie has decided to let out the traditional uses and the close place to directly go inside the people. Here born the idea to create in Milan the first moving exposition by 100% made in Italy products. A wheels window where the water meets the green vertical grass, placing in reinventing urban-chic transport like the typical structures used by Milanese ower making in the corner street. Bellosta Rubinetterie past present and future, never ending by amaze.